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2021 2021-02-11

2021 China New Year Greetings from K-BOS Team

2021 is the Chinese Year of Ox filled with new hopes and aspirations. Ox is hard work and fighting spirit of symbol, we will uphold the professional spirit of pursuing good product and good service, providing our valuable customers with high quality Agricultural Machines.
Agricultural 2020-02-29

Agricultural machinery accident prevention measures

Agricultural machinery accidents have occurred frequently in recent years, especially for people with poor safety intentions, where accidents account for more than 80%. How to prevent agricultural machinery accidents, the following work should be done:
Broad 2020-04-26

Broad prospects for agricultural machinery demand

Since the reform and opening up, following the implementation of the country ’s policy of improving the level of agricultural mechanization and accelerating the implementation of rural infrastructure, China ’s agricultural machinery industry has been significantly developed.
Sanxia 2020-03-11

Sanxia agricultural machinery is equipped with a "smart brain"

In this summer, the fire umbrella was high and Mai Lang was tumbling. In Jinzhuang Village, Linjiacun Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, Xu Jinhua, a member of the Jinshan Agricultural Machinery Cooperative Agricultural Service Team, is driving a large combine harvester to stop wheat harvesting in this unseen wheat field.
Protecting 2020-03-12

Protecting black land, starting with conservation tillage

China's 2016 double-season rice planting area was 176 million mu, of which early rice was 84.3 million mu. The two-season rice area grows two seasons of rice a year, and the production season is tight. Problems such as climatic conditions, rice varieties, planting scale and benefits severely restrict the promotion of rice production mechanization and the improvement of the mechanization level throughout the region.
Technology 2020-04-09

Technology helps spring ploughing

Green field spring breeze, ploughing the field at the time. Right now, the country has entered the spring tillage and spring field management season from south to north. The quality of spring farming production is directly related to the development of rural agriculture throughout the year, and it is more related to the increase of farmers' income. This year,
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